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Youth: Not all Tarred with the One Brush

Confirmation bias is one of those flawed modes of thinking in which you let your existing opinions and attitudes have too strong an influence on what information you choose to notice and what you choose to ignore. When we have … Continue reading

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Questions from Today’s Quiet Moments

For most of us, nine-tenths (or so) of the time our minds are occupied with the affairs of the moment. It may be about the current project or issue at work, the current piece of work we are currently doing, … Continue reading

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Hope, Love and, perhaps, Justice

The news—everywhere—and suddenly I was back on Talbot Street, summer of 1974. We, my sister and I, were in Killester. Grandmother brought us to Dublin one or two times a week on the train. We were used to the city. … Continue reading

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Father’s Treasure

The second child of Skipper Bill raised in that old three-storey home down by the stage that joined on to the one where his grand dad’s children were all born and raised. No fisher boy was he, no life at … Continue reading

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One who Speaks for the Millions of Souls

Eric sends me the finalized list of questions and I relay them to the printer. He’s already forwarded the list to Jonathan Richler for approval. Ken Penney comes to the door. “You about ready?” “Jeez, Ken, you clean up pretty … Continue reading

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St. Johns Across the Narrows: too Slippery for Amherst

Morning coffee at Signal Hill yielded an interesting view of Fort Amherst. If you look carefully at the centre of the image below you will see the lighthouse, the first in NL guarding the entrance to St. John’s harbour, as … Continue reading

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