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Day 10,952: One Voyage Ended; A New Beginning

The way ahead seemed at once both clear yet so uncertain. Never was there any doubt about the voyage that was faced. The only questions at the time were about the destination. Futures always uncertain as the course ahead was … Continue reading

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Take off Your Jacket and Sit Back Down

A recent CBC news story regarding the stance taken by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) on the issue of Wi-Fi access and cellphone usage reminds me of the wise but subtle action taken by a colleague, around twenty … Continue reading

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Starting out: the best you can hope for is an appreciation for the extent of what may be ahead. But you leave that set firmly in the future. The present is what matters. Besides family, for now you have others … Continue reading

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Greed: Two Sales—Two Tales

It seems that when one thinks of “Greed” one is caused to think of the profiteering carried about by huge boundary-less corporations that produce necessary commodities such as food, energy and medicines. Multinationals get a bad rap. Time and time … Continue reading

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It’s Not Really About Smoking…

…or how it’s bad for your health. It’s not about people opening their hearts and offering the gift of self for the betterment of others. You will probably not like what I have to say here but please understand this … Continue reading

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