Starting out:
the best you can hope for is an appreciation for the extent of what may be ahead.
But you leave that set firmly in the future.
The present is what matters.
Besides family, for now you have others in your life; some close, some not so close.
That constantly changes.
People enter and exit. Some go with hardly a trace, some leave scars.
Others never leave, bringing at times the chaotic mix of gifts and expectations we refer to as friendship.

25th-01Still others—a very few—leave you utterly transformed.

Who’s to say when the journey begins?
You fall in-step; walking together,
perhaps not even always aware of the presence of the other.
The realization: you look at one another and see you’ve become traveling companions.
Things have been shared and through it all you’ve grown closer together than you may have dreamed possible.
An acknowledgement; a shared understanding. Few words are needed, if any.

25th-02Decisions, changing directions, accommodations:
the things new couples must become accustomed to…
…mostly acknowledgement that you are no longer two individuals.
The way ahead becomes clearer:
you realize that this is the path both of you need to be following.

So many go through life searching for the one, true thing.
Some find it; not all.
Many miss it for it rarely exists as-is.
The truth: it is not so much a process of discovery as it is one of becoming.
“We can do this,” is the spark,
but the follow-through is not easy.
Trust, perseverance and, yes, modesty become essential, well-used tools.

25th-03bBut you don’t always see that
and, besides,
you do have to just learn to live in the moment.
And the shared moments: so wondrous.

25th-08Then two bec0mes…
…more than two.

25th-04Little souls join with yours.
Patience and finances are tested to–even beyond—the limits.
Once again you change; adapt, even grow.
Day by day those new lives come into their own
until you realize that ‘me’ has long since departed the centre. It’s now ‘us.’

25th-05The time, so long but so short; a blur.
The finer details become increasingly elusive but the broad strokes…so bold.
Yes, it is the ‘big picture’ that seems to scaffold the thoughts.
But the details: where did they all go?
Ah, yes, the photo albums, the videos; one memory after another.

25th-07And time…

The “little” ones become not as much so.
Their lives are increasingly their own centres,
not simply a part of ours.
And there’s no diminution of work; always commitments.
But sometimes now you do find yourself alone. Those times; so foreign; unwelcome. Where is she? Is she coming back soon? Then real life can resume.

25th-aniv-000And now, the present, by the numbers:
By one measure it’s around 45 years, since we met.
By another it’s around 33, since we first dated.
By this one measure, though, there are no ‘abouts.’
Its twenty five years since we were married.
So much has happened since that day, so long ago, when we made it official.
What a wonderful journey it has been!



Here’s to 25 more.


About Maurice A. Barry

Coordinator: Teaching and Learning Commons, Faculty of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Parent & Husband. eLearning consultant/coordinator. Program Development Specialist - eLearning (Department of Education; Retired). Writer: over 40 Math/Physics texts/webs. Developer & Manager of web content. Geek. Not into awards but loves comments.
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35 Responses to Twenty-Five

  1. Beautiful memories, beautiful life, thanks for sharing your family and story with us.

  2. wisejourney says:

    Delightful morning read.

  3. I am so not a soppy person but what a lovely post. Happy Silver. Ours was three years ago and I loved it. Time marches so quickly though, we need to enjoy what we have.

  4. Tracy says:

    Beautifully written and recollected. What an amazing journey. May the next 25 bring much happiness and joy

  5. Dana says:

    Congratulations, m & j! To a great couple!

  6. jennypellett says:

    Congratulations on your twenty five, Maurice. Wonderful words, beautiful family. As you say, here’s to the next 25 – may they be equally as rewarding.

  7. Loved this post! No matter how you quantitate the years, it appears they have been well lived. You have a beautiful family and I’m sure the next 25 years will bring even more insights, prosperity and joy!

  8. Eric N. Mr. COffe Mouth Squishy Ears says:

    Happy 25 Maurice and Josephine! Well worded! The next 25 will bring you round to the baby era again. Only this time, you get to spoil and give them back!

  9. Mary says:

    Happy Silver Maurice and Josephine!! You two have always had so much fun together and continue to do so! Wishing you even more joy in the years to come!

  10. Congratulations to the two of you! A beautiful tribute to your journey together – thanks for sharing with us, your readers. I wish you a wonderful and joy-filled next 25 years! Although I didn’t know about your big day, my poem today is like crafted for you guys 🙂

  11. Bravo! Nicely done … both of you … all of you! Here’s to the next 25! Also, to you Maurice, way to go … beautiful gift! D

  12. Jane Fritz says:

    What a lovely tribute to your life with your wife – and to life, period. Wonderful job, Maurice. I don’t think your wife could have a better present than this. Happy anniversary!

  13. Beautiful Story~ Happy Anniversary!

  14. This is great! Happy Anniversary!

  15. littlerhody says:

    Lovely….Happy Anniversary…wish you many more! You look like a young John Lennon in the first photo 🙂

    • Lennon, huh? I “Imagine” that “In My Life” I’ve never gained such “Instant Karma” from such a compliment. It’s a “Revolution” as, on most days, when she looks at me, my Wife remarks that “I am the Walrus!” As for the 25th–thanks for the wishes. Yes, I always happy that each day is like “Starting Over” and that she’s decided to “Grow Old with Me.”

      So now, this “Working Class Hero” had better stop playing “Mind Games” else the missus might give me a “Ticket to Ride.”

  16. littlerhody says:

    LOL…she’s lucky to have you as a fella…from what I read she will never pull the “ticket to ride” card.”

  17. seeker says:

    This is so sweet, Maurice. 25 years seems so short and yet looking at your creations, what a beautiful looking family. So cheers, for another Jubilee year!

  18. What a wonderful post. Thanks, Maurice.

  19. What a beautiful post. Congratulations!

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