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Tanning Legislation: Public Health, Yes, But Maybe More

Right now the probability that a young, healthy Canadian will contact the deadly skin Cancer called melanoma is 1 in 5000. Want to know how to double those odds? Take just ONE tanning session before age 21 (source—health Canada). That’s … Continue reading

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A Realization on a Grismal Day

First things first: the word “grismal.” It pretty much speaks for itself but you can find a proper description of it in this recent post by Dave at Pairodox Farm. After seeing his post and sensing the same mood in … Continue reading

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WordPress Mitosis: Part II

As Dave at Pairodox Farm has pointed out it’s not exactly Mitosis because the two “daughter cells” no longer have the same DNA. It is more correctly “mitosis followed by what is referred to as a homeotic mutation.” If I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Sun and Pale Blue Skys

On Saturday the deep freeze let up and temperatures climbed to within a few degrees of freezing. The recent negative-double-digit temperatures had made going outdoors a mite unpleasant but today offered the chance to catch up for some lost time. … Continue reading

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WordPress Mitosis: Part I

Elkement had the perfect term for it: Mitosis. I got the idea from Roughseas who has several blogs, representing several areas of interest. Where I previously had one, somewhat aimless, blog now there are two. It turned out that getting … Continue reading

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Which type of Power are we Talking About?

To not term the recent situation involving our electrical generation and transmission system a crisis is to completely misunderstand the term, or, as is more likely the case, to resort to ad-hoc definitions (probably “shit hitting the fan and the … Continue reading

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