Sun and Pale Blue Skys

On Saturday the deep freeze let up and temperatures climbed to within a few degrees of freezing. The recent negative-double-digit temperatures had made going outdoors a mite unpleasant but today offered the chance to catch up for some lost time.

The sky was an odd pale blue.


The snowbanks by the sidewalks were quite high. The camera was around 1.5 m above ground when the picture above was taken and the lens just cleared the top of the bank.


Sometimes you wonder just where all the snow goes when it’s shoveled from the walkways.


For those of you not from Newfoundland Labrador, ‘The Duke” is a frequent set the locally shot and produced “Republic of Doyle.” If you are interested you can watch past episodes right from the website in the link.


Duckworth street is pretty narrow right now with all of the piled up snow. It’s got its own charm ๐Ÿ™‚


So…which artwork do you prefer: the mural or the tags?


Compared to ours, YOUR buskers are a bunch of wimps.


I don’t buy much music in physical form (CD’s and such) any more but I do have around 300 vinyl records down in the basement that, sadly, haven’t been played in decades. Most of them came from Fred’s.


While you can’t be expected to much enjoy the piles of snow by each house you have to love the colours!


What a day for a skate! It’s a bit crowed for my taste right now but I’ll be there later on when most of those guys are in school or at home for the night.


The skate trail is good to around +10 C. With any luck we’ll be able to skate there until around mid April.

Tomorrow it will be even warmer…for a few hours.


About Maurice A. Barry

Coordinator: Teaching and Learning Commons, Faculty of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Parent & Husband. eLearning consultant/coordinator. Program Development Specialist - eLearning (Department of Education; Retired). Writer: over 40 Math/Physics texts/webs. Developer & Manager of web content. Geek. Not into awards but loves comments.
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11 Responses to Sun and Pale Blue Skys

  1. jennypellett says:

    That was a great tour – almost felt myself slip-sliding around with you. Love the coloured houses (well, I would, wouldn’t I?) and the skate trail looks fun. In the first picture – is that a war memorial – and is it significant that the lower two statues are facing in opposite directions?

    • Jenny you are very observant. Yes, it is part of the St. John’s war memorial, which was erected around 1925. The lady on the pedestal in the centre is holding a torch in her left hand, symbolizing freedom and a sword, indicating our willingness to serve the empire. At the time, you see, we were part of Great Britain. At the left you see a soldier from the royal Newfoundland regiment (all but wiped out at Beaumont Hamel on the first day of the infamous July Drive) and at the right is a sailor from the Newfoundland Royal Naval reserve. You can’t see them in this picture but out front are a fisherman and woodsman representing those who served in the merchant marine and in the lumber woods of Scotland and Norway during the wars too. I don’t think the facing directions serve much purpose other than aesthetics, though.

      • jennypellett says:

        Ah, thanks. Memorials are fascinating and often portray their meanings in abstract ways – so it’s always worth checking them out! I like the idea of the fisherman and woodsman, too: an all round representation.

  2. I am so sorry Maurice .. I had no idea. My original follow (all those many months ago now) entitled me to new posts from ‘Not Banjaxed’ … because there was no mention of having to newly follow ‘Duck’ I had no idea that you had undergone Telophase and Cytokinesis (the terminal stages of mitosis). I have now requested to be added as a follower of Ducks. Now, to be obnoxious a … the result of mitosis is two identical cells (same DNA) … so I think what has gone on here is mitosis followed by what is referred to as a homeotic mutation. D

    • LOL you can bet your warm underwear on the fact that I will use that last sentence in my next post to this site ๐Ÿ™‚
      Oh, and speaking of warm underwear, our weather here has done a complete about face overnight. It’s lashing with wind and rain outside. Approximately 60-80 km/hr easterlies are driving rain right at the living room window as I type this. The temperature is around 7 C where it was around 7 F for the past 3 weeks!

      • Oh my. Homeotic genes are those responsible for the development and correct placement of structures in animals and plants. So homeotic mutants can have unusual numbers of things and have these develop in the wrong place! The study of homeotic mutants (whether natural or induced) tells us lots about the genetics of development. There are famous images of homeotic mutants in the fruit fly (Drosophila) … like this one … … which shows legs forming where antennae should be! Yikes.

      • Mjollnir says:

        I agree with whatever Pairodox (is that two Doc Marten’s boots?) said. Just sussed that I needed to re-follow the ‘original’ blog, but then I’m not the twinkliest star in the firmament! now I’ve loads of catching up to do. nice to see a bit more of the natural habitat of the Barry clan ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. elkement says:

    Impressive piles of snow! It’s very rare here that we have so much snow “at once”. It happened one day in the last year, and this was announced as “snow of the century”. Exactly that day I had to travel to a location at a higher altitude which was quite an experience. I hardly recognized exits on the highway.

    I live in fear of those North American clouds finally reaching Europe. I really don’t miss the snow at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nor would I! This week is considerably milder and we have lost a lot of snow. The average depth was around 70 cm and now it’s down to less than 40 cm. That’s a good start. Today was a steady -2 but Thursday and Friday will give us above-zero temperatures again. Hopefully that will get rid of still more of it.
      But winter’s only just getting started, of course!

  4. The Duke of Duck? Or is it the Duke of Duckworth? I meant the pub as it’s not clear what he is duke of.

    Is there any cross country skiing around town? Which I always used to do when the first snows fell, and all the traffic went home leaving clear roads to ski on down to the park, where kids were tobogganing down the short slopes and I was skiing down ๐Ÿ˜€

    • It’s the Duke of Duckworth, named after Sir. John Duckworth, who was governor of Newfoundland from 1810-1812. Not much skiing in the streets here but the various parks in the city see lots of skiers and we have lots of great trails! I can ski right behind my house…just put the skis on and go.

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