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Unknown Unknowns and Don’t Knows or “Warts and All”

Remember back in 2002 when (then) US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld referred to the presence of what he termed “Unknown Unknowns” and was roundly mocked in the popular press as a consequence? Of course, at the time, those taking … Continue reading

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Apparently Ocean Science is Inconvenient and Needs to Go: a Cold Reality

It’s sad on so many levels when you realize that those who purport to lead you feel compelled to use deception–or maybe obfuscation is a better term–as a tool. Last spring I had  the opportunity to meet with, and interview, … Continue reading

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Asymmetry, Safety and Freedom

Something about a trip to the water helps remind you of how life is always just a little better when things are not perfectly balanced. To a student of physics this may come as something of a shock, when realized … Continue reading

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The Visitor

Somehow the pain slowly becomes a part of your dream. The mind is s wondrous thing, able to construct a narrative from just about anything, combining sensory input along with half-remembered events to weave a tapestry of impressions, some of … Continue reading

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