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Twenty Mile Pond and Monsters; Bill Rowe’s Latest Piece is (Mostly) Fictional

“Work with what you know,”—always good advice regardless of your area of expertise. In “The Monster of Twenty Mile Pond,” (2014, Flanker Press) Bill Rowe heeds that advice, choosing to cast the main character as a lawyer whose responsibilities strain … Continue reading

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Lives that Matter: Fighting For, not Against

I keep seeing visions of a young man, cut off—his choice—from the Canadian mainstream. Maybe he’d been bullied as a child but it was just as likely he had not. After all, this tendency to avoid contact with others was … Continue reading

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The Big Commute; Room for Thanks

Jet is so crowded. My space is far too small. It’s too bad airplanes went from liners to crowded cattle pens. Attendant smiles down at me. “Back for another few weeks?” We chat awhile both realizing we’ve become fast friends. … Continue reading

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What to do with an Old Salt Beef Bucket? Sweet Sufferin’!

All week the CBC morning show has been running a contest on what to do with old salt beef buckets. All I could think was <<bleep>>. Now, don’t get me wrong, those 3 to 5 gallon plastic pails are great … Continue reading

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