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Outport Harmony on Boxing Day

There was once a time when the light through the windows would have been sufficient for the tasks at hand. These days, though it was supplemented by a single bare bulb, hanging there right next to where he’d hung the … Continue reading

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Christmas and What We Leave Behind

How it is that such seemingly small events can take root and blossom at precisely the right moments! What seems so offhand, so casual can, in the end, lead you so far along the path you need to travel! Some … Continue reading

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Just Another Day for Nan and Pop

The couple were in a compact car just in front of my van, waiting at a four-way stop, trying to make a left turn onto the main drag that leads to Costco. They were probably both in their early eighties; … Continue reading

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Cuts, Forks in the Road and Forgiveness

“He’s not happy until he’s not happy.” Some people fit that description, it seems. Glass half-empty, miserable creature or maybe just plain a misanthrope—there are numerous terms that can be used. Whatever the case, it seems that there will always … Continue reading

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